Sustainability and efficiency
Facing south, the fašade of the building is made up of a double skin system, plated on the inside and covered with expanded alumnium panels outside, that protects the interior of the building from excessive sunlight, reduces overheating and facilitates ventilation.
Double glazing windows and thermal bridge break.
Centralized air conditioning and heating system connected to the district supply of heat and cold air.
Photovoltaic solar cells.
Sunlit rooms and natural ventilation.
Lighting with low electric consumption.
Pneumatic collection of rubbish with points of collection on every floor.
Points of electric charge supply for vehicles.
Parking for bicycles.

All the systems of the building comply with the requirements specified in the Special Infrastructures Plan for the 22@district as well as the current regulations concerning building safety and the installation of communal telecommunication infrastructures.


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